Treetops is a provision that is available to all children at Wheelock who need a little bit extra support in order to develop the personal and interpersonal skills they need in order to become happy and successful both in and out of school. There are currently four layers of Treetops provision available and these are matched to the needs of each indvidual. We additionally offer Treetops support for our children with SEND.



Allotment Group

The allotment group is available for children who benefit from time outside the classroom where they can unwind and chat in a relaxed environment. The children meet every fortnight in a small group and spend time growing plants and vegetables in their allotment or doing cookery, crafts or other allotment-inspired projects. We believe in the natural benefits of spending time outdoors and find that being in this environment encourages the children to talk through any concerns or worries that they might otherwise bottle up.

Small Group Support

Treetops groups are planned each term to meet the needs of small groups of children who have been identified by staff as having a similar difficulty or concern. The groups meet once a week for around 45 minutes and work through a bespoke programme of SEAL based activities. The groups offer a network of support for each child with key adults and children from different years and through this aim to build confidence and develop a sense of community and belonging.

One to one support

Sometimes children need a little bit more support. One to one sessions are directed by the child and may include relaxing activities such as crafts and cookery or may be focused around play or other interests. Most importantly, they give the child the opportunity to chat things through with an adult who can give them the time and focus they need. Sometimes sessions may also be with a trained therapist, such as an animal or play therapist.

Individual Mentors

Children who receive Pupil Premium funding all have an individual mentor in school. They meet once a term to discuss various aspects of the child's wellbeing and to identify whether there is anything else we can do as a school to better meet their needs and to enable them to achieve. Individual mentors are also available for the children to go to at any time if they have a problem or worry.

SEND support

At Wheelock we create an ambitious, personalised curriculum that meets the needs of all children, in particular complex SEND, where their skills are developed to succeed in life. We focus on the provision needed to achieve EHCP outcomes and we broaden the pupil’s development, enabling them to develop and discover their interests and talent.  We identify different types of provision which are most effective at giving our pupils the skills, knowledge and experience they need to progress.  We regularly liase with outside agencies, such as the speech and language therapists, where we discuss how we can support the pupils in making progress and achieve their potential.  This provision enables children to work with other pupils and adults in school and wihin the community.


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