Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning is an integral part of our curriculum at Wheelock. Children love learning in and from the outdoors and we try to get outside as often as possible. We have a beautiful woodland at the bottom of our field and aim to make the most we can of this fantastic learning resource.

Throughout the school, all the classes have a weekly woodland session. As well as activities planned by the teacher linked to different areas of the curriculum, the children have non-directed time to explore and play in the woods. They climb trees, build dens, make swings and obstacle courses, create crafts, tell stories in the teepee and light campfires. Through this they are able to learn about themselves as individuals; to try something new and to take risks. They also forge friendships, learn how to resolve conflict and bond as a class. This is all part of the ethos of our school; nurturing our children into creative invididuals who welcome challenge and are ready to take their place as members of the global community. The children often come back from the woods covered in mud, talking about how they have been an elephant or an ant, a spider or a polar bear.






Boys and girls can work together."

"When I'm in trees I feel calm."

"I've learned how to be confident."

"You don't need to have technology to have fun."

"I was scared of the woodland but now I'm not so I know you don't have to be scared of new things."

"We've learnt to use equipment safely."





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