High School Transition

Most children from Wheelock go to Sandbach School or Sandbach High School. We have strong links with both of these schools and work hard to ensure a smooth transition for all children moving on to high school. We participate in regular events at both Sandbach schools, giving children the opportunity throughout Key Stage 2 to become familiar with the schools. Recently this has included swimming lessons, a Swimathon, drama and dance workshops and a range of sports events and competitions including Town Sports.

In year six, the children take part in a number of transition events and days at both Sandbach schools, giving them opportunities to become familiar with the schools and also to meet some of the children from other local schools who they will be moving up with.

Children who will be moving on to other high schools will also have the opportunity to visit their new schools and take part in any planned transition events.

Later in the year we will have visits from both teachers and pupils at the high schools to come in and talk to the children about what they can expect and to answer any questions. For any children who need extra help through the transition process, additional small group support is also available.

As part of the Sandbach and Haslington Edication in Partnership cluster, we work closely with Year 6 and Year 7 teachers from across the cluster schools to hand on information about the children's attainment and achievement and to moderate work across the schools to ensure standardisation.

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