Woodpeckers News 12-07-19

Woodpeckers News

We have had another busy week in Woodpeckers. In Maths we continued to look at sequencing and patterns with numbers. We focussed on counting forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10. It was great to look back at number formation and see how much progress the children have made over the year. We also completed our STEM project this week which was creating a 3D bubble wand from pipe cleaners. The children thought about the learning objectives in the 4 areas; for science the children looked at materials and what would happen when the materials got wet, in Technology the children need to select tools that would help them build their model, in engineering the children shaped and twisted the piper cleaners to make the 3D shapes and finally in maths the children were identifying 3D shapes, 2D faces on the shapes and could explain the properties of their shapes. On Wednesday we had a brilliant time working in our different groups to create our Wild thing models. It was lovely to hear how much the children had enjoyed working with different teachers and classrooms around school. We finished our week at Formby and our sleepover. Keep up to date on twitter to see pictures and notifications from the day.    

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