Woodpeckers News 07-06-19

Woodpeckers News

Welcome back after a lovely half term break. It’s been a quick week this week and our focus was talking about our holidays and all the fantastic things the children and adults have got up to. The children began the week planning two or three exciting things they had done. They needed to note down; where they went, who with and what they did. The next day we were able to turn these notes in to a recount. The children looked at writing in the past and changing words and endings to make their sentences sound grammatically correct. It was lovey to hear the children identify words that changed like; sleep/slept, see/saw and many more. The children used time connectives to show the movement of time; after, later that day, in the morning. Finally we wanted the children to use connectives to extend their ideas such as; so, because, also. For the rest of the week we completed some multiplication sums and had a good catch up with our friends.  

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