Weekly News 10.1.20

A fantastic week back for Kestrels.  We have started our new topic, ‘Year 5 and 6’s Excellent Adventure’ which will be a whistle stop tour of the changes throughout history.  We have already spent time considering the Mesozoic Era and have completed timelines to show the changes that took place in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.  The children were really baffled to consider that these eras were millions of years ago and each lasted so long!  In literacy, the children have explored many different creation stories linked to different cultures and religions across the world.  We have considered how all of the stories have similarities, but the differences make them special to those who believe in them.  The children showed fantastic appreciation and respect for the beliefs of other religions- a real credit to our school.  In Maths, we have started our recap of metric measure.  We will be continuing this over the next week to ensure the children get a really good understanding of this tricky topic.  I have worked alongside the year 5 children to develop a home-learning project for this term, which will be given out on Monday.  Year 6 have now been provided with their revision guides. I have explained how to use them, but should you need to clarify, please come in for a chat.

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