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Within our literacy sessions, based on our autumn topic 'Never Stop Exploring', the children will complete a number of written pieces, both short and long.  This will include a desription of a setting, a diary of an explorer, a non-chronological report based on the rainforest, an adventure story and finally a documentary script.

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Our science focus this term will consider the Earth’s place within the solar system, and the vital role of the Sun as a provider for all living things. The children will explore  how night and day are formed, alongside seasons and years.  They will compare the Earth’s cycles to those of other planets within the solar system and learn why these differences occur.  We will consider the works of famous scientists such as Copernicus and Galileo and how their discoveries have changed our understanding of the universe we live in.  The children will create their own mini-stargazing live episodes as part of these sessions.

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Within our autumn maths mission, the children will explore and interpret statistical information relating to the planets within our solar system.  This data will then be recorded in a variety of graphical ways, including using the skill of rounding to provide ‘easier to use’ numbers.  The children will then have the opportunity to create their own planets to use within a top trumps style challenge.

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Through our four foundation areas, the children will be emmersed in the life of explorers past and present:

 As part of our individuality based sessions, our primary focus is to explore our own personality and traits, recognising our positive qualities and the areas we wish to develop this year.  We will compare ourselves to historical and modern explorers considering how our fears and phobias can impact on our ability to embrace challenges.  Alongside this, the children will learn about how having a growth mind-set enables them to remain positive in the face of adversity, a crutial trait for explorers, and allows them to fully reach their potential and become the best they can be.

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During our creativity sessions, the children will learn about, explore and create art based on different cultures and traditions such as Rangoli and Japanese Art.  They will have the opportunity to explore African music, considering the types of instruments used and the influences on this type of music.  They will perform their own compositions in groups to the rest of the class.  Finally, we will explore in detail inventions that have enabled the progression of exploration across oceans, space, the rainforest and Antartica.

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Within challenge based sessions, children will research, prepare and create a balanced nutritional meal whilst considering different cultures of the world.  They will have the opportunity to alter the meal to meet the needs of individuals with specific dietary requirements.  We will use this activity to consider what makes a healthy meal and how less healthy foods can be eaten in moderation- food packaging labels will be under examination.  Whilst researching modern and historical explorers, the children will complete a more in-depth study into Native Americans and Colonists, with a particular focus placed on Pocohontas and Captain John Smith!

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During community sessions, the children will consider the lives of tribal communities across the world.  They will identify significant practices and rituals relating to their culture and how these differ from our own.  Children will complete research using a range of sources which will be used to create a world fact file about the world’s major countries, cities, landmarks, seas and rivers.



To support the children's learning at home, please access these free websites;

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