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Welcome back for Spring Term!


This term, the year 5/6 topic is Spread Your Wings.  We will be using the acclaimed children's book 'Skellig', written by David Almond, as our focus within literacy.  We will create a number of genre's linked to the story, including: a diary entry from the main characters' perspective; persuasive letter writing; a descriptive paragraph; bird related poetry; and our own fantasy stories .  We will work consider each others' opinions during whole class debates, and present our own work during a number of presentation opportunities. 

Our science focus this term will consider forces and movement.  We will learn about gravity, air resistance, friction and how these forces may be balanced and unbalanced.  We will have many opportunities to take part in practical enquiries and investigations which support scientific theory.  Our most exciting STEM project, linked to levers and pulleys, will take place this term: creating our own moving wings! Linked to the class book, we will also study lifecycles of a range of animals and birds.

Maths this term will allow the children to develop their understanding of the properties of shape and measure, geometry and algebra.  We will again push to develop mental methods of calculation and continue to use mental maths test papers to assess this knowledge.  Within our spring maths mission, the children will  be taking part  in a class enterprise challenge.  We have been given £10 to spend as we wish, with the aim of developing an enterprise project which raises the most profit :-)



Through our four foundation areas, the children will be emmersed in the world of birds and angels and the place they play within our own and others lives and beliefs.

 As part of our individuality based sessions, our primary focus is to explore positivity and self-confidence, considering how these traits impact on thought processes in daily life.  We will consider how angels are represented within different world religions and cultures and how holding beliefs can give support.  The children will also have the opportunity to take part in healthy meal preparation using a variety of egg-based recipes.  Within 'be active' sessions, children will work in small groups to recreate the lifecycle of a bird within their own dance routine!

During our creativity sessions, the children will learn about democracy and the current political status of the UK.  We will consider how Brexit is taking place and how this may impact on the UK.  We will also develop our art skills, in particular sketching. shading and developing texture in our sketches.


Within challenge based sessions, children will research Greek mythology.  We will consider how birds played an important role within the myths of this time.  This will lead us to further research how birds have been used in the past to help people (i.e. carrier pigeons, Tower of London ravens) and create a formal presentation to share with our peers. 

During community sessions, the children will research bird migration and the importance of this.  We will also take the opportunity to complete a local bird study as the weather improves.  Linked to our class book, children will consider miracles. Do they occur?  What would you consider a miracle?  These sessions will be used to continue to develop the children's respect of one and others viewpoint whilst remaining true to their own.



To support the children's learning at home, please access these free websites;

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Literacy Shed

SPaG Games

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Reading Eggspress

Maths Booster Site

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