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Happy New Year and welcome back Hawks.


Our Spring topic this term is called

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Within literacy, the book we will be looking at is Skellig. Throughout the therm, the children will complete a number of written pieces to develope a wide range of skills. This includes: a diary from different characters perspectives from within the book, formal letter writing, a news report, poetry and fantasy story writing. 

Within this we will also be gaining a more confident understanding of the use of technology to support the presentation of our work. We will be focusing on Word, Power Point and Excel and using these when producing our final pieces of work.

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Our maths mission for the spring term is our class enterprise task. As a class, we will decide on item/activity to sell - this will help us focus on a range of financial skills and understanding.


Within science, we will be looking and forces and motions and also life cycles of animals. The children will understand the solar system as a hole and understand the importance of the Sun. They will also be looking at day and night as well as seasons and years. The children will also be exploring famous scientists around this area.

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Also throughout the topic, children will consider the symbolism, ideology, cultural relevance and beliefs of birds, angels and wings. We will also be considerating different viewpoints about problems will be looked at, aswell as developing empathy.

Within our challenge based sessions, children will be learning about the past through looking at the historical use of birds for human advantage, wings and angels within Greek mythology and birds that are now extinct.

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Creativity areas will be encouraging chidlren to develop a range of artistic skills, specifically with the use of sketching to create pictures. Children will also learn about, explore and create their own musical composition,

Through discussions, understanding and learning about numerous life skills children will be encouraged to identify thier own beliefs and thoughts, understanding what makes us fearful and strategies that could help deal with this emotion, identifying the links between physical and mental health and understanding key signs and symbols to keep ourselves safe.

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Also over throughout this Spring term, children will be continueing to learn about growth mind-set, explore what makes us happy or sad and how we can target activities to make us happy and relaxed, as well as the link between physical and mental health. Image result for growth mindset




To support the children's learning at home, please access these free websites;

Timestable Rockstars

Top Maths

Mini Maths Challenges

Literacy Shed

SPaG Games

SPaG Games 2

Reading Eggspress

Maths Booster Site



Things to remember:

yes PE will be taking place onImage result for things to remember

    Tuesday afternoons 


yes Outdoor footwear to be

    available in school each day 


yes A reading book and Home Diary should be in class everyday


yes All clothing to be labelled 


yes Keep an eye on when it's your week for 'Read and Tell' 


yes Keep practising https://ttrockstars.com/login 



Please see the files for the Eagles, Kestrels and Hawks Topic Overview and Spring Curriculum Letter for more detailed information on what your child will be getting up to this term.



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