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Welcome Eagles and welcome to

our autumn term topic:


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Within our literacy sessions, based on our autumn topic

'Never Stop Exploring', the children will complete a number

of written pieces, both short and long based on our class

read 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell.  This will include

a desription of a setting, a diary of an explorer, a 

non-chronological report based on the rainforest, an

adventure story and finally a documentary script.



Image result for space explorationOur science focus this term

will consider the Earth’s place within the

solar system.  The children will explore 

how night and  day are formed,

alongside seasons and  years.  They

will compare the Earth’s  cycles to those

of other planets within the solar system

and learn why these differences occur.  We will consider the works

of famous scientists such as Copernicus and Galileo and how their

discoveries  have  changed our understanding of the universe

we live in.  The  children will create  their own mini-stargazing

live episodes as part of these sessions.





In our Community lessons, the children will beImage result for Elephant cartoon

identifing similarities and differences between

tribes from around the world.

Eagles will become more confident in

naming and identifying the world's

continents, oceans, major cities, landmarks,

seas and rivers. We will look closely at the UK to identify and

locate significant human  and physical features. Throughout

this unit of work, Eagles will  become more confident in

their map reading skills. 




Image result for spider and web cartoonIn our Creativitiy lessons, the children will be

learning and creating different types of art and

music from around the world.  


They will try to be innovative in finding

solutions to the current global issues, such as

plastic waste.


As a STEM project, we will be designing and

creating products made from plastic waste.


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In our Individuality Image result for polar bear cartoonlessons, we will

be exploring our own personality and traits,

recognising our positive qualities and the

areas we wish to develop this year. 


We will compare ourselves to historical and

modern explorers considering how our fears and phobias can

impact on our ability to embrace challenges. 





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In our Challenge lessons, the children

will be researching dishes from

around the world, which they will

then learn to prepare and cook

safety and hygienically.


Throughout their research into past explorers,

Eagles will be developing strategies of

validating information found online. We will  identify

and discuss why persepective on historical events may differ. 


At the start of term, we will be discussing and identifying how to be

both independent and stay safe as they get older.


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Home Learning:Related image

  • Eagles are asked to read daily and record their pages in their planner. 
  • Eagles have been issued their TTrockstar logins and have been asked to have a session practising their times tables 2-3 times a week. Image result for ttrockstars
  • Eagles will be given home learning on a Friday of each week, which will be due the following Thursday.




Things to remember:Image result for things to remember

yes PE will be taking place on

    Monday afternoons 


yes Outdoor footwear to be

    available in school each day 


yes Everday, Eagles will need to bring in their wallet

that includes their spelling book, planner and reading book


yes All clothing to be labelled 


yes Keep an eye on when it's your week for 'Read and Tell' 



To support the children's learning at home, please access these

free websites:

Timestable Rockstars

Top Maths

Mini Maths Challenges

Literacy Shed

SPaG Games

SPaG Games 2

Reading Eggspress

Maths Booster Site



Please see below for the Eagles, Kestrels and Hawks Topic Overview and Autumn Curriculum Letter for more detailed information on what your child will be getting up to this term:




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